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Your area rugs can very easily be one of the most valuable investments in your home. Many of our friends and neighbors in White Plains spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their area rugs, whether their Persian, Oriental, silk, antique or any other kind. When disaster strikes, or even minor incident, it’s imperative that you have a quality and reputable rug repair specialist at your disposal. Rug Cleaning White Plains offers the highest-quality professional rug restoration services, regardless of the scope of damage your rug has sustained. Our extensive resources, unmatched customer service and next-level results are exactly what your rug needs. Call us today at 914-888-5542 to learn more about what we can do for you.

Common Types of Rug Repair Issues

Area rugs are routinely vulnerable to a variety of damage, from minor spills, tears and pulls to borderline catastrophic issues like fire, flood and bug infestation. Each type of rug requires different types of care and maintenance and it’s imperative that you leave the repair and restoration of this treasured investment to an experienced professional. Many area rug owners make the mistake of thinking that they can fix the problem themselves and just end up making the problem worse. On the other side of the coin, many other area rug owners don’t think there’s any hope for their tattered or visibly soiled rug and wind up prematurely disposing of an item that can very easily be salvaged by informed and qualified experts.

How Can We Help?

The process of repairing or restoring your area rug begins with a call to our experienced and knowledgeable cleaning techs. We will then come to your home or office in White Plains to assess the damage to your rug. The turnaround time and price will depend on scope of work and the level of care required to bring your rug back to top form. We will provide a free estimate and start work immediately. Rug Cleaning White Plains provides free removal of your rug from your home and return it once we are finished bringing it back to life.

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